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“And live to be the show and gaze o’ the time”

                                                                                                                    William Shakespeare


Believing in excellence. Believing in the continuity of a project. Believing that an idea can take shape, step by step. It is luxury that we want to enjoy. We want to make concrete what we’re building with everyone who believes with us.

In this edition we have bound the voice of Excellence Magazine with select events and masters of art from the most diverse of fields. All for one the tenor Andrea Bocelli. As well as the masters of gourmet cuisine and painting. Because talent takes shape in all directions.

And naturally our journey passes through Made in Italy. So much more than a sign of manufacture on the peninsula; a symbol of a mindset exuding its essence into hospitality, beverages, sports and the genius of the Renaissance.

Analysing the latest trends, we’ve been able to identify how luxury and Made in Italy are expressed. Or rather, how the market states they should be expressed in order to emerge. Food, real estate and business which, though its potential is not necessarily fully expressed, captures the attention and capital of foreign investors.

Next to business it only seems right to finish the picture with a touch of shading on consultancy, even investment consultancy, often fundamental for nurturing embryonic ventures par excellence that have it in their DNA to become top players, even if they don’t know it yet.

In this issue:


The Magic of Damiani jewellery





Bugatti Chiron,  powerful elegance





Bucherer opens Rolex boutique in Lugano





Italian food embassy in Taiwan





Edmiston Lifestyle





Italian Excellence for the Italian-Americans





The Diamonds of the Indian Ocean